Italian Sommeliers of China

Italian Sommeliers of China (later referred to as “ISC”) is an open association connecting together sommeliers, wine professionals, wine enthusiasts and everyone who is passionate about wine. ISC was founded in 2016 in Shanghai by 3 Italian sommeliers (chartered AIS sommeliers).

ISC is committed to promote the culture of wine. The objective is to engage people while educate them not only how to appreciate and recognize the wine but also unveiling what surrounds this enchanting world while keeping the subject as understandable and accessible as possible.

ISC aims to share the many fascinating aspects of wine world: anecdotes and history of the enology; the cultural environment encompassing a bottle of wine; pairing with the food; the blessed locations where the best grapes grow; hunting to buy a value for money bottle; comparing wines of old and new world; awareness of the world most famous labels and grapes varieties; the mysterious logic of the different country wine classifications; recognizing a great from a standard wine; wine service fundamentals; surprising a friend or a guest with unexpected knowledge and skills; or how not to lose face during a fancy dinner or event.

ISC is an independent and autonomous association: have no relations with politic and governments, receive no subsidizes from wine producers and marketers, not engaged in wine sales activities