Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Coffee Project 2: roasting machines

Fuji Royal

250 gr gas roaster

DISCOVERY 咖啡烘焙机 普通版 250g Invoice 48.492元, No Invoice 43.643元
(DISCOVERY coffee baking machine ordinary edition 250g)

DISCOVERY 咖啡烘焙机 电脑版 250g Invoice 53.000元, No Invoice 47.700元
(DISCOVERY coffee baking machine computer version 250g)



more pics : http://www.rcoffee.com/Product/Fujiroyal_Discovery_Photo.html

1 kg gas roaster

R-101 型咖啡烘焙机 1kg 普通版 (黑色,金色)Invoice 99.160元, No Invoice 95.000元
R-101 type coffee baking machine 1kg ordinary Edition (black, gold)

R-101 型咖啡烘焙机 1kg 电脑版 (黑色,金色)Invoice 105.160元, No Invoice 99.160元
R-101 type coffee baking machine 1kg computer version (black, gold)


more pics : http://www.rcoffee.com/Product/Fujiroyal_R-101_Gold_Photo.html


R-440 咖啡磨豆机 (黑色,红色) Invoice 5.800元, No Invoice 5.220元
R-440 coffee grinding beans machine (black, red)



1 kg electric roaster 28.000 rmb


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