Tuesday, September 8, 2015

-3.48% Italian wine in China

-3.48% Italian wine in China by Italian Wine & Food in China

In the first half year of 2015, it seemed that the wine market was rebounding.

According to data from CAWS (China Association of Importer & Export of Wine & Spirit), 1st semester of 2015 saw imported wine total +30.7% (value, year/year), bottled wine category (which excludes sparkling and bulk wine) +33.2% (value, year/year).

-3.48% Italian bottled wine in China

Italy, the 5th largest exporter with 4.79% market share, registered an increase of + 21,20% in quantity (over 15 million bottles), but a decrease of 3.48% in value (about 37 million Euro), as a result the average price dropped below 2.5 Euro/bottle (750 ml)

1 Semester Statiscs - by Italian Wine & Food in China

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